Komputery How to check Internet speed?

How to check Internet speed?

Internet speed is one of those elements that users pay special attention to when choosing an operator. On the market there are many offers available, in which everyone will find something for themselves. It is worth remembering that the choice of the speed of the link depends on individual preferences. In this article you will learn how to check the speed of the Internet when it slows down and why it is worth taking measurements related to its speed. See also: https://inlookup.com

How to check the speed of the Internet in your phone - why is it worth doing?

Operators tempt customers with new offers related to Internet speed. In the era of mobile devices fast access to network resources is particularly important for many users. When choosing the right provider it is worth to look at the proposals available on the market. Internet speed depends on signal strength and network coverage. Apart from the information about the speed given by the service provider on the website, it is good to check the range of the operator itself - it does not have to be always the same. The speed of loading pages and videos and downloading files may vary if you travel often and stay in smaller towns. As a rule, it is there that access to the network becomes significantly limited.

Internet speed measurement in the phone will also be useful for those who have two SIM cards in their smartphone - and in this situation the speed of the connection may differ from each other. In the case of large discrepancies in the quality of connection to the network, in the Settings of the phone it is worth choosing the SIM card, which will provide better access to the virtual world.

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Where to check the internet speed on the phone? Application to measure the speed of the Internet

There are many tools for conducting tests related to Internet speed. The most popular program is Speedtest - although it is often used by computer users, you can also use its capabilities on smartphones without much trouble. How to check your Internet speed? Just go to speedtest.net and download the application from the Play Store or App Store.

What makes it worth choosing this particular application is the functionality and user friendliness. The program gives insight into the history of measurements, so you can see what the Internet speed was in previous days.

Performing a test through Speedtest is trivially easy. Just click Start/Commence Test and the tool will measure your download speed and upload speed. All the data displayed on the screen of your smartphone resembles the speedometer dial known from the dashboard of your car. The result is expressed in megabits per second (Mbps) - the unit of power of the data stream in the media used to transmit signals. Before starting the application, it is worth checking whether the phone is not currently performing any updates and disabling those programs that usually work in the background. In addition, you should turn off Wi-Fi and turn on data transmission - if it was turned off earlier.

In addition to the above Speedtest informs about PING value. What is it?

PING is a command that is used to diagnose the connection with the network. Simply put, PING is the response time of the Internet. The lower the value the better - low PING means faster loading pages.

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